23 December

Solar activity was high due to a total of five M-class flares observed
throughout the period. The largest event, an M3 flare, was observed at
22/1512 UTC from Region 1928 (S16W67, Ekc/beta-gamma). In addition,
Region 1928 produced an M1/Sn flare at 22/2208 UTC, an M1/Sf flare at
23/0003 UTC, and an M1/1n flare at 23/0906 UTC. Region 1934 (S16E32,
Dao/beta-gamma) produced an M1/1n flare at 22/1438 UTC. Regions 1928
and 1934 appeared to grow slightly in the past 24 hours while the other
regions were either stable or undergoing minor decay. A 24-degree
eruptive prominence centered near N32W90 was observed in GONG H-Alpha
imagery between 23/0807 – 0832 UTC. No Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections (CMEs) were observed.

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