21 December

Solar activity was low. Region 1928 (S17W41, Ekc/beta-gamma) produced a
C9/1f flare at 21/1036 UTC, which was the largest event of the period.
Region 1928 remains the largest and most magnetically complex region on
the disk and exhibited minor growth and evolution throughout the period,
especially in its intermediate spot area. Region 1934 (S15E58,
Dao/beta) also exhibited growth this period, but did not produce any
reportable events. The other regions on the visible disk were either
stable or in decay. A 20-degree filament eruption on the eastern limb
(S20E90) was observed between 21/0345 – 0431 UTC in GONG H-Alpha
imagery. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed
this period.

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