20th October

Solar activity was at low to moderate levels. Region 2192 (S13E36,
Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) produced an impulsive M3/1n flare at 20/0911 UTC
which was the largest event of the period. In addition, Region 2192
produced a C9/1f flare at 20/0602 UTC and multiple mid-level C-class
flares throughout the period. Region 2192 persists as the most
productive and threatening region on the visible disk and continued to
develop throughout the period. Region 2193 (N05E02, Dro/beta) exhibited
minor growth this period while the other regions on the visible disk
were relatively stable. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs)
were observed this period.

Solar activity is likely to be moderate with M-class (R1-R2
(Minor-Moderate)) flare activity and a slight chance for X-class (R3 or
greater) flare activity over the next three days (20-22 Oct) with Region
2192 being the likely source of solar activity.

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