20 December

Solar activity was at moderate levels. Newly-numbered Region 1934
(S15E71, Csi/beta) produced an M3 flare at 19/2319 UTC and an M1 flare
at 20/1157 UTC, which were the largest events of the period. Due to its
proximity to the limb, Region 1934 likely contains additional structure
that has yet to rotate into view. Newly-numbered Region 1933 (S12W45,
Dai/beta) developed rapidly this period, but has remained unproductive
thus far. Region 1928 (S16W26, Ekc/beta-gamma) exhibited minor growth
and evolution throughout the period and remains the most magnetically
complex and largest region on the visible disk. The other regions on
the disk were either stable or undergoing minor decay. A 7-degree
filament eruption centered near N24W57 was observed in GONG H-Alpha
imagery between 20/0651 – 0821 UTC, but appeared to be mostly
reabsorbed. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were
observed this period.

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