2 January

Solar activity was high. The largest solar event of the period was an
M9/2b flare at 01/1852 UTC from Region 1936 (S16W56,
Eai/beta-gamma-delta). An associated coronal mass ejection, with a
southwestward trajectory, was first observed in LASCO/C2 imagery at
01/2000 UTC but is not expected to significantly impact the Earth’s
geomagnetic field. Region 1936 showed signs of decay in its intermediate
and follower spot groups. Region 1944 (S07E68, Ekc/beta) produced
several flares in the later half of the period including an M1/Sf at
02/0233 UTC. Region 1944 continued to rotate onto the visible disk and
was the largest sunspot group with an areal coverage of 630 millionths.
Region 1940 (S12W66, Dao/beta) did not produce any significant flaring
but did display growth in its leader spots. The remaining four sunspot
groups showed indications of decay or stability. There were no
Earth-directed CMEs detected in satellite imagery.

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