1st December

Solar activity increased to moderate levels due to an M1/1n flare at
01/0641 UTC from Region 2222 (S21E09, Eki/beta-gamma). A weak Tenflare
of 180 sfu accompanied this event. Region 2222 remains the largest
region on the visible disk and indicated little change during the

Numerous low-level C-class flares were also observed from Regions 2216
(S14W70, Eki/beta-gamma), 2217 (S17W32, Dao/beta-gamma), 2219 (N03W76,
Cao/beta-gamma) and 2221 (N03E12, Cao/beta). Both Regions 2219 and 2221
exhibited some area decay and spot loss while the remaining regions were
little changed. New Region 2226 (S19W16, Cao/beta) emerged on the disk.
No Earth-directed CMEs were observed.

Solar activity is expected to be at low levels with a continued chance
for an M-class flare (R1-R2/Minor-Moderate) during the period (01 – 03

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