19th November

Solar activity was at high levels. Region 1893 (S13W70, Ekc/beta-delta)
produced an X1/Sf flare, associated type-II radio sweep (est. shock
speed 1049 km/s), and a Tenflare (530 sfu) as it made its way around the
western limb. Based on the location of Region 1893, any coronal mass
ejection (CME) associated with this event is likely to be too far west
to have a significant impact on Earth, but further analysis will be
accomplished once imagery becomes available. Prior to this event,
Regions 1897 (S17W36, Fso/beta-gamma) and 1900 (S21W74, Dsc/beta)
combined with Region 1893 to produced the majority of flares, mostly
C-class, over the period. The remaining active regions were stable and
unremarkable. A back-sided CME was observed on the southeast limb in
Lasco C2 imagery at approximately 19/0424 UTC, but no Earth-directed
CMEs were observed during the period.

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