19 December

Solar activity was low. Region 1930 (S10E29, Dai/beta) was the most
active spot group, producing three C-class flares during the period.
Each event was C1 in magnitude with the flare at 19/0719 UTC having a
subfaint optical correlation. This region continues to be in a growth
phase, showing separation between the leader and trailer spots, as well
as development in the intermediate spots. Region 1928 (S16W12,
Ekc/Beta-Gamma) also continued to develop, showing consolidation in the
leader spots, consolidation in the intermediate spots, yet overall
separation between the leader and trailer spots. This region also
produced a C1/Sf flare at 19/0918 UTC. The other regions on the visible
disk were either stable or exhibited signs of decay. No Earth-directed
coronal mass ejections were detected in satellite imagery throughout the

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