18 January

Solar activity was at low levels. The two largest events of the period
were a C8 flare at 17/1608 UTC and a C7 flare at 17/2007 UTC, both
likely from newly numbered Region 1959 (). There appear to be trailer
spots with this region but its proximity to the limb makes it difficult
to get a full analysis. A second, larger spot began rotating around the
east limb during the period as well and will be numbered when it is
within view. The next few days will yield better observations for flare
potential. Two large coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed on
LASCO C2 coronagraph imagery at 17/2000 UTC and 17/2236 UTC, likely
related to the C8 and C7 flares mentioned above. They both appear to be
too far east to be geoeffective, however further analysis will be
completed once more imagery is available.

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