18 December

Solar activity was low. The largest event of the period was a C4 flare
that occurred at 17/2329 UTC. This flare appeared to originate from a
region beyond the east limb, likely old Region 1913 (S14, L=268). Region
1917 (S16W70, Dai/beta-gamma) was the most active region of the period,
producing several low level C-class flares. Region 1928 (S15E02,
Dki/beta-gamma) continued to exhibit areal growth as well as penumbral
separation and magnetic mixing. Region 1929 (S12E61, Hsx/alpha) was
numbered over night as a simple Hsx spot group. The other regions on the
disk were either stable or indicated minor decay. No Earth-directed CMEs
were detected in imagery.

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