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Solar activity was at low levels. Region 2036 (S16W34, Dhc/beta-gamma)
continued to be the most active region on the visible disk, producing a
C4/Sf flare at 18/0809 UTC, which was the largest flare of the period.
Region 2034 (N04W32, Ekc/beta) exhibited moderate growth through out the
period, with Region 2035 (S15W11, Ekc/beta-gamma) following suit,
showing decent growth as well. Although Region 2036 continued to be the
most active, it began to show signs of decay, decreasing from over 510
millionths in area to near 390 millionths. The remaining spot groups
were either stable or exhibited slight decay.

Phentermine 30Mg Buy Online, Buy Adipex Online Malaysia