17th November

Solar wind parameters were indicative of coronal hole high speed stream
(CH HSS) influence. Solar wind speeds began the period near 610 km/s
before reaching a high speed of 706 km/s at 16/0556 UTC. It began to
decrease slowly just after that peak, ending the period at an average
speed near 450 km/s. After beginning the period near 8 nT, the IMF total
field relaxed and saw an average of near 5 nT to end the period. IMF Bz
component was variable between +5 and -7 nT, while Phi angle was
consistently positive (away) through the period. Conditions have begun
to settle down as a weak transition from CH HSS influence from positive
polarity CH09 transition through weak negative fields before
reconnecting with positive polarity CH10, located near central solar

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