17 January

Solar activity was at low levels. An unnumbered region rotating onto the
southeastern limb produced two C6 flares at 16/2139 UTC and 17/0923
along with a C3 flare at 17/0231 UTC, which were the largest events of
the period. There was a small CME associated with the C3 flare along
with a Type II radio sweep (461 km/s). Speed estimates are just above
background wind speeds and the CME is very narrow, thus no noticeable
effects are anticipated at Earth. Two large CMEs were visible in C2
LASCO data and appeared to have combined around 16/2330 UTC. The likely
sources are the long-duration C2 flare observed at 16/1541 and the C6
flare observed at 16/2139 UTC from around the east limb. The CME is not
Earth-directed but a weak enhancement due to the associated shock is
possible outside of this forecast period. All the numbered regions on
the disk were either stable or decaying.

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