16th October

Solar activity was low. A C7 flare occurred from the southeast limb at
16/0737 UTC. A Type IV radio sweep was reported at 16/0722 UTC and some
material could be seen in SDO/AIA 304 imagery surging south of the flare
location. A C6 flare followed at 16/0923 UTC from the same area, likely
the vicinity of Old Regions 2172 (S12, L=241) and 2173 (S14, L=250).
Coronagraph imagery is not yet available for this event.

The seven numbered regions on the visible disk were either stable or
decaying. Regions 2185 (S15W85) and 2188 (N18W56) decayed to plage. No
Earth-directed CMEs were noted.

Solar activity is expected to increase over the next three days (16-18
Oct) as old Regions 2172 and 2173 return. C-class events are expected,
with a slight chance of another M-class (R1-minor) radio blackout event.

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