16 March

Solar activity remained low (below R1-minor). C-class activity was
observed in three of the nine spotted regions. Region 1998 (S07W72,
Axx/alpha) produced a pair of C1 events at 15/1437 UTC and 16/0604 UTC.
Region 2003 (N05W84, Dao/beta) produced a C6/Sf at 15/1715 UTC followed
by a C7/Sf at 16/0645 UTC. Some decay was observed in the southern
portion of the region. Region 2005 (N13E24, Cho/beta) produced a C2/Sf
at 16/0813 UTC. Overall growth in area was observed with new spots
forming in the northern portion of the region. New Region 2009 (N14E05,
Bxo/beta) emerged on the disk. The largest region on the disk, Region
2002 (S18W37, Ekc/beta-gamma) was quiet with some spot decay noted. All
other regions were quiet and stable. A 30 degree long filament eruption
was observed in the SE quadrant of the disk between 16/0235 – 0323 UTC
centered near S22E50. An associated CME was observed in SOHO LASCO C2
imagery lifting off the E-SE limb beginning at 16/0348 UTC. Plane-of-sky
speed was estimated at 554 km/s. Analysis is ongoing on the potential
geoeffectiveness of this CME.

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