16 February

Solar activity was at moderate levels. The largest event was an
impulsive M1/Sn (R1-minor) flare from Region 1977 (S10E05,
Ekc/beta-gamma). Associated with this event were weak to moderate
discrete frequency radio emissions spanning 235 MHz to 15.4 GHz
including a Type IV Sweep. During the period, Region 1977 exhibited some
minor trailer and intermediate spot decay. Region 1974 (S12W59,
Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) remained the largest and most complex region on
the visible disk, but only produced low-level C-class events. The region
continued to show consolidation in its trailer spots with some weak
development in its intermediate and leader spots. It also maintained its
magnetic complexity although its delta configuration appeared less defined.
Region 1973 (N06W80, Axx/alpha) also contributed some low-level C-class
activity. No Earth-directed CMEs were observed during the period.

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