15th January

Solar activity was moderate. Recently departed Region 2257 (N07, L=322)
produced an M2 (R1-Minor) flare at 14/1258 UTC. The region continued to
produce several C-class flares as it rotated off the west limb including
a C2 long duration event at 15/0334 UTC. Region 2259 (S15W20,
Esc/beta-delta) showed development in its trailer spots as well as
gaining a weak magnetic delta in the new spots. However, the region only
produced a lone C2 flare at 14/1826 UTC. All of the other regions on the
disk were either stable or in decay.

Other activity included a filament eruption observed at about 15/0338
UTC in the NE quadrant of the disk. The 6 degree long, east-west
oriented filament erupted along a channel centered near N16E15. SDO/AIA
304 imagery observed material movement across the disk in a NE
direction. Limited SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery observed a slow-moving CME
lifting off the NE limb, first visible at 15/0424 UTC. Further analysis
will be conducted as additional imagery becomes available.

Solar activity is expected to remain low with a chance for M-class
flares (R1-R2, Minor-Moderate) for the next three days (15-17 Jan).

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