15 March

Solar activity remained at low levels. Region 2002 (S18W25,
Ehc/beta-gamma) produced a C3 x-ray flare at 15/0026 UTC. The region
exhibited penumbral growth within its intermediate spots. Region 2003
(N05W71, Eac/beta-gamma) produced a few C-class x-ray events during the
period, the largest a C5 at 15/0940 UTC. Separation and penumbra
development was observed in the region’s trailer spots resulting in an
overall increase in area. Region 2006 (N12W68, Dsi/beta) exhibited rapid
penumbra development in both the leader and trailer spots with an
increase in spot area noted. New Region 2008 (S11E79, Hsx/alpha) rotated
onto the disk. All other regions were quiet and stable. No
Earth-directed CMEs were detected.

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