15 February

Solar activity was at moderate levels as three M-class events (R1-Minor)
were observed during the past 24 hours, all of which were produced by
Region 1974 (S12W45, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta). The largest event of the
period was an M1/1n observed at 14/1240 UTC. The other two were M1
events observed at 1328 UTC and 1639 UTC respectively. A 200 sfu
Tenflare was observed concurrent with the M1 flare at 1639 UTC. Region
1974 continued to show consolidation in its trailer spots and
development in its intermediate and leader areas. It also maintained its
magnetic complexity and is still the dominant region on the disk for
flare activity. Region 1976 (S15W10, Dso/beta) was divided into two
regions as it became apparent that there were two distinct bi-poles. The
easternmost bi-pole is now labeled as Region 1980 (S14E01, Hsx/alpha).
All other regions on the disk remained relatively stable. No
Earth-directed CMEs were observed during the period.

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