14th August

Solar activity continued at very low levels with a few B-class flares
observed. The largest event of the period was a B6/Sf at 14/0419 UTC
from Region 2139 (N13E36, Eac/beta). Associated with this event was a
Type II radio sweep (802 km/s shock velocity) reported by both the
Learmonth and Culgoora observatories. Some spot development was noted
within the intermediate portion of the group. The remaining spot groups
exhibited little change.

Three new regions near the east limb were numbered during the period;
Region 2141 (N15E65, Bxo/beta), Region 2142 (N05E60, Axx/alpha) and
Region 2143 (S07E67, Cro/beta). No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections
(CMEs) were observed in satellite imagery.

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