14 March

Solar activity reached moderate (R1-Minor) levels with an M1 flare at
13/1919 UTC from old Region 1996 (N16, L=051). Upon its transit around
the west limb, the region also produced a few C-class events. The
largest group on the disk remained Region 2002 (S18W11, Ehc/beta-gamma).
The region was quiet during the period and exhibited decay in its
intermediate spots with some consolidation observed in the leader
portion. The region also lost its delta magnetic configuration. Region
2003 (N06W57, Dac/beta-gamma) remained active with a few C-class events,
the largest a C4/Sf at 14/0552 UTC. The region appeared stable with no
significant changes observed. Two new regions were numbered this period;
Region 2006 (N11W54, Cao/beta) emerged on the disk while Region 2007
(N09E67, Cao/beta) rotated onto the disk. Both regions were quiet as
were the remaining spotted regions. No Earth-directed CMEs were

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