14 March

Solar wind speed measured at the ACE spacecraft observed a steady
increase in speed from early observations near 350 km/s to end-of-period
speeds approaching 500 km/s. A brief interval from about 14/0500 – 0620
UTC observed speeds in the 525 – 625 km/s range. Bt generally ranged
between 6 – 10 nT with periods of 1 – 5 nT observed from 13/2000 – 2400
UTC. IMF Bz varied between -5 to +9 nT through about 13/2000 UTC where
it remained mostly north to +5 nT through the remainder of the period.
The Phi angle varied between positive (away) and negative (towards)
through about 14/0130 UTC when it settled into a positive orientation
for the balance of the period.

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