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Solar activity was moderate. Region 1944 (S12W85, Dac/beta) produced the
largest solar event of the period, an M1/Sf flare at 13/2151 UTC, as
well as a couple of low-level C-class flares. This region continued to
be the largest and most magnetically complex sunspot group on the
visible disk, but also saw the majority of the region rotate onto, and
just past, the western limb. Region 1953 (S17W19, Dao/beta) produced a
C1/Sf at 13/1633 UTC. This region exhibited signs of growth in both its
leader and intermediate spots while nearly doubling in overall areal
growth. The remaining three sunspot groups were unremarkable. There were
no Earth-directed CMEs detected in satellite imagery during the period.

Buy Phentermine Uk Paypal, Phentermine Online Legal