14 January

Solar wind speed, as measured by the ACE spacecraft, began the period
just over 800 km/s, reached a peak speed of 813 km/s a short time later,
then displayed a slow but steady decrease to the mid 600 km/s by the end
of the UTC day. The solar wind remained near those speeds for most of
the period, with a slight uptick to the 675 km/s range the last half
hour of the summary period. This enhanced condition was as a result of
CH HSS influence. The total IMF began the period at 8 nT then dropped
slightly to approximately 6 nT, where it remained until approximately
14/0732 when it decreased further to 4 nT. The Bz component remained
positive for the first half of the period. Just after 13/2200 UTC, Bz
took a dip into negative territory, remaining there until 14/0110 UTC,
reaching a maximum deflection of -5 nT. It then fluctuated between +/-5
for the remainder of the period. The phi angle was in a predominantly
negative (toward) orientation through the majority of the period,
oscillating into a positive (away) orientation following a solar sector
boundary crossing at approximately 14/0942 UTC.

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