14 December

Solar activity was low. Region 1917 (S14W18, Dkc/beta-gamma) produced a
C2/Sf flare at 14/1124 UTC, which was the largest event of the period.
Region 1920 (N11E08, Hax/alpha) and 1925 (S08E47, Cro/beta) each
produced C1 flares at 13/2258 UTC and 14/0940 UTC, respectively. Region
1917 continued to exhibit overall growth throughout the period while the
other regions on the visible disk were either stable or undergoing
slight decay. A 15-degree eruptive prominence was observed on SDO/AIA
304 imagery at around 14/0900 UTC, and was centered near S25W72.
Further analysis is needed to determine if a coronal mass ejection (CME)
associated with the prominence eruption would be Earth-directed.

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