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Solar activity declined to very low levels with a few B-class X-ray
events recorded. Region 2187 (S10E60, Eso/beta) continues to rotate onto
the disk and was stable. Region 2186 (S10W00, Cso/beta) was also stable
and unremarkable during the period. New flux emergence was observed near

At about 13/2330 UTC, SDO/AIA 304 imagery observed surging on or behind
the SW limb near S12, in the vicinity of old Region 2182 (S15, L=123).
LASCO C2 imagery observed a CME off the WSW limb, first observed at
13/0000 UTC. Due to the extreme western location of this event, no Earth
impact is expected from the resultant CME.

Solar activity is likely to be low with a slight chance for M-class
(R1-Minor) activity for the next three days (13-15 Oct).

Buy Phentramin D At Walmart, Phentermine Online Us