13th December

Solar activity reached moderate levels today as a region just rotating
around the SE limb near S05 produced an impulsive M1 flare at 13/0520
UTC. Multiple C-class flaring was also observed originating from
Regions 2227 (S04W65, Hsx/alpha), 2234 (N04W20, Dao/beta), 2236 (N30E55,
Dao/beta), and 2237 (S15E48, Eso/beta). Slight growth was observed in
the intermediate area of Region 2230 (S15W25, Dac/beta) and new flux
emergence was observed around the leader and trailing spots of Region
2237. The rest of the numbered regions were either stable or in decay.
No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections were observed.

Solar activity is expected to remain at low levels with a chance for
further M-class (R1-R2/minor-moderate) activity for the forecast period
(13-15 Dec).

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