13 March

Solar activity increased to high levels due to an impulsive M9/Sb flare
at 12/2234 UTC from Region 1996 (N14W78, Eac/beta-gamma). Relatively
minor discrete-frequency radio bursts were associated with this flare.
Region 1996 continued its migration towards the western limb and as a
result made accurate analysis difficult. Region 2002 (S19E12,
Ekc/beta-gamma-delta) produced low-level C-class activity, showed signs
of consolidation in its intermediate spots, and maintained a visible yet
weak delta magnetic structure. Region 2003 (N06W39, Dac/beta) grew in
areal coverage but did not produce any significant flaring. Region 1999
(S16W71, Bxo/beta) was reported as a plage group yesterday but had
renewed spot emergence during the period. The remaining three sunspot
groups were stable and overall unremarkable. A full-halo, coronal mass
ejection (CME) that was first visible in LASCO/C2 imagery at 12/1448 UTC
was determined to be a backsided event and not expected to impact Earth.
There were no additional CMEs detected in satellite imagery for the

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