13 February

Solar activity was at high levels as five M-class flares were observed
over the past 24 hours. Region 1974 (S07W18, Fkc/beta-gamma-delta) was
responsible for all five of these events, including the largest, an M2
flare that occurred at 12/1551 UTC. The others included four M1 flares
that occurred at 13/0140 UTC, 13/0251 UTC, 13/0607 UTC, and 13/0812 UTC
respectively, as well as several C-class flares. Region 1974 continued
to exhibit areal growth, separation in the intermediate spots, and a
beta-gamma-delta magnetic configuration. Multiple coronal mass ejections
(CMEs) were observed in LASCO imagery throughout the period. The
majority of these events appeared to either be from regions just beyond
the limb or from regions on the backside of the sun, rendering them
non-geoeffective for the most part. There was a faint partial-halo CME
observed at 12/1624 UTC that may have been associated with the M2 flare
at 12/1551 UTC, but lack of data is preventing a thorough analysis.
Further investigation will be accomplished to determine if there is an
Earth-directed portion of the CME. Region 1976 (S15E20, Fki/beta-gamma)
displayed slight decay in the intermediate spots while Region 1977
(S09E45, Ekc/beta-gamma) showed signs of growth in the intermediate and
trailer spots. The other regions appeared to be stable and inactive.

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