12th September

Solar activity reached moderate levels during the period due to a pair
of M-class flares from a yet unnumbered region just rotating around the
NE limb. The first was an M2 flare at 11/1526 UTC which had an
associated 210 sfu 10cm radio burst. The second was an M1 flare at
11/2126 UTC. Region 2157 (S14W31, Ekc/beta-gamma) had slight decay
within its smaller intermediate spot area and produced a C9/1f flare at
12/0224 UTC. Region 2158 (N16W19, Dkc/beta-gamma-delta) appeared to
have further separation in its northern spots along with a weak delta in
the NE portion of the group. The rest of the spotted regions were
either stable or in decay. No Earth-directed coronal mass ejections
(CMEs) were observed during the period.

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