12th November

Solar activity was low. Region 1890 (S11W49, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta)
produced several C-class flares, including the largest event of the
period, a C5/Sf at 11/1701 UTC. This region exhibited consolidation in
its trailer spots and minor separation in the leader spots, but
maintained its beta-gamma-delta configuration. Region 1897 (S18E57,
Ekc/beta-gamma) also produced a few C-class flares and grew in size and
complexity. This new region appears to be fairly large and dynamic,
although the exact size and magnetic complexity remain difficult to
determine given its proximity to the limb. The other regions on the
visible disk were stable or decaying and were unremarkable. A
long-duration C3 flare occurred at 12/0527 UTC and had an associated
coronal mass ejection (CME). Initial analysis indicated most of the
ejected had a primarily southwesterly trajectory. Analysis is on-going
to determine if there is any Earth-directed component of the CME.

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