12th December

Solar activity was at low levels. Only low level C-class flares were
produced by Regions 2230 (S15W12, Dac/beta-gamma), 2234 (N04W05,
Dai/beta-gamma), and 2235 (S08E42, Hax/alpha). Slight growth was
observed in the intermediate area of both Regions 2230 and 2234. New
Region 2237 (S14E58, Dao/beta) was numbered during the period.

An approximate 30 degree filament eruption centered near N20 in the NE
quadrant was observed beginning at 12/0258 UTC. A long duration C1
flare was observed at 12/0457 UTC associated with this event. An
associated coronal mass ejection was observed in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery
at 12/0548 UTC off the NE limb. Analysis of this event is in progress
as further imagery becomes available.

Solar activity is expected to remain at low levels with a chance for an
M-class (R1-R2/minor-moderate) flare for the forecast period (12-14
Dec). Regions 2230 and 2234 are the most likely sources for any
significant flare activity.

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