11th October

Solar activity was at low levels (below R1-minor). At 10/1647 UTC, a
parallel ribbon Hyder Flare was observed in conjunction with an eruption
of an ~15 degree filament near S20W50. The X-ray emissions of the flare
measured C3 with no associated radio emissions. Analysis of the
associated CME confirmed the trajectory was to the south and west, with
little or no plasma component expected on the Sun-Earth line.

The two spotted regions on the disk, Region 2182 (S15W76, Dac/beta) and
Region 2186 (S20E25, Cso/beta) were both quiet and inactive. Both
regions appear to be decreasing in magnetic complexity, areal coverage,
and threat potential.

Solar activity is expected to be low, with a chance for M-class flares
(R1-Minor) for day one (11 Oct), as Region 2182 continues to decay and
move towards the limb. Low activity with a slight chance for a R1 event
is expected for days two and three (12-13 Oct).

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