11 March

Solar activity was moderate for the past 24 hours. Region 1996 (N13W57,
Dac/beta-gamma) produced the largest flare of the period, an M3 flare at
11/0350 UTC. It also produced an M1/Sf flare at 10/2300 UTC, as well as
several C-class flares throughout the period. This region maintained
mixed polarities in the leader spots and exhibited growth in the
intermediate spots. Region 2002 (S17E31, Dac/beta-gamma-delta) continued
to exhibit growth in its intermediate spots, new growth in the trailer
spots, as well as growth and consolidation in the leader spots. It
continues to display a delta magnetic configuration in the intermediate
spot area and exhibit overall areal growth. It was also responsible for
an M-class flare, an M1 at 10/1528 UTC, as well as a few low-level
C-class and subflares. Region 2003 (N06W17, Dao/beta), while relatively
quiet, showed signs of development in its leader spots as well as
overall areal growth. The remaining numbered sunspot regions were stable
and fairly inactive. Solar x-ray background levels have risen to mid
C-level as a result of sustained brightening on the sun’s southwest
limb. This is likely associated with an eruptive prominence on the limb
(EPL), located near S12W90. There were no Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections observed in satellite imagery.

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