10th December

.24 hr Summary…
Solar activity continued at low levels (below R1-minor). Region 2230
(S15E15, Dai/beta-gamma) continued to grow and produced most of the
C-class activity during the period. The largest event from this region
was an impulsive C6 flare at 09/1528 UTC. There was some flux emergence
in the northern portion of Region 2227 (S03W27, Cao/beta). New flux
emergence was also noted near N04E24 and is being monitored for possible
numbering. Another region, probably the return of old Region 2209, was
rotating onto the visible disk near S08E70 and had produced a C1 flare
at 10/0924 UTC. A CME was observed erupting from the west limb around
09/1325 UTC in SOHO/LASCO C2 imagery, but was not Earth-directed. No
other significant eruptions were observed.

Solar activity is expected to remain at low levels. A slight chance for
an M-class (R1-R2/minor-moderate) flare is possible during the period
(10-12 Dec). Region 2230 and the return of old Region 2209 (S15,L=248),
which has starting making the way around east limb, on day one (10 Dec)
will be the most likely sources for any significant activity.

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