10 December

Solar activity was at low levels. Region 1921 (N06E68, Hax/alpha)
produced the largest solar event of the period, a C2 flare, observed at
09/1656 UTC. This region has shown slight growth in overall areal
coverage but remains magnetically simple. Region 1920 (N12E63,
Hax/alpha) also produced a C2 flare, at approximately 09/1321 UTC.
Region 1916 (S12W58, Ekc/beta-gamma) was the most magnetically complex
region on the solar disk, showed the most growth, yet only produced low
level sub-faint flares. The other numbered regions were either stable or
exhibited signs of slight decay. No Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections (CMEs) were observed in satellite imagery during the period.

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