10 April

Solar activity was low. Several low-level C-class flares occurred, the
largest of which was a C4 at 10/0152 UTC from a region beyond the
southeast limb near SE10. Region 2031 (N03W71, Bxo/beta), which decayed
slightly during the period, produced a C1/Sf flare at 10/0013 UTC
associated with a Type II radio sweep (estimated shock velocity 500
km/s) and a slow, westward-directed coronal mass ejection (CME). A
preliminary CME analysis indicated a speed of around 330 km/s.
Further analysis is required to determine if there was a significant
Earth-directed component to this CME. Slight decay was noted in Region
2026 (S10W65, Bxo/beta). Region 2032 (N12E47, Dao/beta-gamma) was stable
during the period and showed a mix of magnetic polarities in its
intermediate portion. Newly-numbered Region 2034 (N04E76, Dro/beta)
rotated into view late in the period. The remaining two spotted regions
were unremarkable.

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