1 January

Solar activity was at high levels. The largest solar event was an M6/2n
flare at 31/2158 UTC from Region 1936 (S16W43, Ekc/beta-gamma-delta)
with an associated 160 sfu Tenflare. Region 1936 showed signs of
intermediate spot growth and consolidation. Region 1940 (S12W51,
Dao/beta) showed leader development and was responsible for multiple low
level C-class flares throughout the period. Region 1938 (S09E02,
Dao/beta) displayed growth in its follower spots and was responsible for
an isolated C-flare early in the reporting period. Region 1941 (S13W29,
Dao/beta-gamma) showed signs of intermediate spot development and
increased magnetic complexity. The other two numbered sunspot groups
showed an overall trend of slight growth. No Earth-directed coronal mass
ejections (CMEs) were detected during the period however, forecasters
are awaiting additional satellite imagery to evaluate the potential
impacts of the M6 flare detected from Region 1936.

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