1 April

Solar activity decreased to low levels. Region 2026 (S11E57, Dai/beta)
was the most active spot group with frequent optical subflares, some of
which were associated with low-level C-class x-ray flares. Region 2026
showed possible gradual spot growth in its leading spots as well as a
mix of polarities, though analysis was hampered by limb-foreshortening
effects. Region 2014 (S13W98, Cao/beta) was relatively quiet as it
departed the west limb early in the period. Region 2017 (N10W71,
Cai/beta) produced no flares during the period and may have been in a
state of gradual decay, with analysis hampered by limb-foreshortening
effects. Region 2021 (S14E02, Dai/beta-gamma) produced a couple optical
subflares early in the period and showed gradual spot and penumbra
development as it maintained its beta-gamma magnetic configuration.
Region 2022 (N17E17, Hsx/alpha) showed no significant changes, but
managed to produce an isolated low-level C-class flare. No
Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were observed during the

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