Welcome to Aurora Service!

Aurora Service is an Southern Lights information and news service. It is run entirely by volunteers who monitor solar activity, the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic field. We put all the information down here in an easy to read format, enabling you to see when the southern lights might be in your area next.

We are aurora watchers ourselves and our goal is to provide other people with the information they need in order to see the wonderful aurora australis. If we can get even 1 person to see the aurora who otherwise wouldn’t have, we are happy!

Aurora Australis

If you never want to miss an aurora show again, sign up to our aurora alerts and we will send you a text message when auroras are likely. Otherwise, you can monitor the geomagnetic activity yourself using our aurora forecast page, where we get real time data from some of the worlds top space weather monitoring institutions.

If you are new to aurora watching, the information, graphs and numbers might be quite baffling to you, but don’t worry, it is really quite simple.  The most important thing is the kp number. A scale from 1 to 9 of aurora strength. Using this number you can see what level is needed to view aurora from where you are:


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